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Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg owes three of its most important designs to Wolfgang von Wersin, famous for his "new objective" style. The elegant Adonis, Lotos and Saigon services were created at the beginning of the 1930s. For Lotos, von Wersin selected a simple basic shape with sweeping bowls and half-round upwardly flowing handles, which, with their gentle curves, are evocative of opening blossoms. Because of its liquid- and dirt-repellent leaves, the lotus blossom symbolises purity in the Far East. This is also reflected in the gentle colours and designs used for the thin and translucent porcelain.
Lotos Dinner Plate
Price : $1,880.00
Lotos Dessert Plate
Price : $1,510.00
Lotos Bread Plate
Price : $1,190.00
Lotos Pasta/SoupPlate
Price : $2,420.00
Lotos Soup Cup & Saucer
Price : $2,780.00