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Manufacturer: TableArt

Material: Porcelain made in Europe

TableArt's new porcelain dinnerware, "Basic," includes all the pieces necessary for a basic dinnerware service.  At the same time, for those who entertain on a large scale—and prefer to own rather than rent—the buffet plates, dinner plates and salad/dessert plates are a beautiful and cost-effiicient solution.

Basic Buffet Plate
Price : $32.00
Basic Dinner Plate
Price : $24.00
Basic Soup Plate
Price : $20.00
Basic Cereal Bowl
Price : $18.00
Basic Medium Mug
Price : $16.00
Basic Large Mug
Price : $18.00
Basic Oval Platter
Price : $64.00
Basic Low Serving Bowl
Price : $60.00
Basic High Serving Bowl
Price : $62.00